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Rebecca Williams

Piano, Guitar, Music Theory, Sight Singing

I have traveled through Barbados, Germany, Austria and the United States teaching and making music. From college, Peace Corps gave me an assignment in Barbados to teach music in the public schools and to work on a national music curriculum for the island. There I developed performance, theory, improvisational and “playing by ear” skills in reggae, calypso and American R&B as I performed with island musicians.


I traveled to Germany and Vienna performing with a West Indian group from Barbados. In the United States, I have been a jazz soloist, member of various “Top 40” groups, lead musician in several churches and Music Education Specialist at US Army Child Development Centers.


Today I am Director of Music at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church in Sierra Vista. As a member of CMTA, I have served as Arizona Study Program Chair, Vice President and President. I have taught piano, guitar, theory and sight-singing to students of all levels, ability, ages and musical interest. Teaching and making music have always been interwoven in my career and I love doing both. I am so blessed to have the joy of music in my life! And blessed to share it with others.

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